Hi, my name is Andrew. I've been taking a lot of pictures lately.
Feel free to click on them.

I've been taking a picture of myself every day since February 1, 2004.

Here are some older creative outlets of mine:

peep jousting Peep Jousting (and other Peep mayhem)
Stick toothpicks in marshmallow Peeps, put them in a microwave facing each other, turn on the heat and good times ensue. Also, stinky smells will ensue.

floating henry rollins head haiku Floating Henry Rollins Head Haiku
Now-defunct, in its heyday FHRHH featured the misadventures of Henry Rollins' disembodied head, written in haiku. It's funnier than it sounds, but not as clever as you'd think. These comics ran daily, then every weekday, then rarely, and then I just got bored and let it die. There are still almost 300 comics for you to wade through.

circus trees Circus Trees
Pictures of the sculpted trees on display at Bonfante Gardens. Half are on display outside the park, but the other half are inside. Check them out here and save on admission.

snackin' jesus Snackin' Jesus
The son of God is back, and boy, is he hungry! In fact, he's so hungry, he's picking people of the United Nations building like a giant vending machine. Religion never tasted this good.