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Release Year: 2015
Runtime: 1h 38min
Country: USA
Language: English, German
Genre Tags: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Plot Summary: A boy who has a bad Christmas accidentally summons a festive demon to his family home.

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Peter Sobczynski
3 out of 4 stars -

In the grand scheme of holiday-related films of note, "Krampus" is neither as creepy as "Love The Coopers" nor as sadistic as "Home Alone" and it feels as if it is maybe one or two rewrites away from being the alternative classic that it clearly wants to be. It still has its charms—certainly more than one might expect based on Universal's decision to release it without any advance press screenings—and just enough things going for it to warrant a mild recommendation. Besides, do you think I want to get on the bad side of Krampus by panning his movie? I may be naughty but I am not stupid.

A.A. Dowd
Grade: C+ - The holiday horror of Krampus isn’t naughty enough

Neither particularly frightening nor especially funny, the Yuletide horror-comedy Krampus scrapes by on the novelty of its setup, in which an antagonistic Christmas movie of the Family Stone variety is hijacked by beasties straight out of a Full Moon entertainment. That might sound like foolproof fun, but the film has only one really good moment of anarchic nastiness: two preteen legs, jutting from the toothy maw of some elongated, oversized clown doll—a jack out of its box, gulping down children. Otherwise, this holiday-season fright flick never leaps far enough outside of its own box; the movie flirts with going full-on monster mash, with really cutting loose, but the mayhem is too little, too late.