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Slumber Party Massacre

IMDb Info

Release Year: 2021
Runtime: 1hr 26m
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Genre Tags: Horror
Plot Summary: A remake of the 1982 slasher film about sorority girls attacked by a maniac killer with a large electric drill.

Poster - Title Card rating: notes: I was ready to turn this off during the derivative first act, but then the second act came at me sideways and flipped everything into a deliciously campy treat. The feminist commentary about slasher films almost plays as straight-up comedy. The third act drags a little, as it tries to play things too seriously and comes across more didactic than satirical. There's a shorter version of a movie in there that would be great. As is, the middle section gets a solid recommendation.

Outside Reviews:

Leslie Felperin
3 out of 5 stars - Video nasty reboot puts some fun in sleepover carnage

It all playfully flirts with horror film conventions, offering up a winking orgy of patently fake gore and irony that's for the most part pretty fun. At least the cast seem well in on the joke and are clearly having a blast, although the package could have been improved with a fewer sharper one-liners and tauter comic timing. At least the cinematography is period accurate, resembling low-budget Betamax from the last century filmed with smudged lenses.