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Speak No Evil

IMDb Info

Release Year: 2022
Runtime: 1h 37m
Country: Denmark, Netherlands
Language: English, Dutch, Danish
Genre Tags: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Plot Summary: A Danish family visits a Dutch family they met on a holiday. What was supposed to be an idyllic weekend slowly starts unraveling as the Danes try to stay polite in the face of unpleasantness.

Poster - Title Card rating: notes: A dark comedy of manners slowly becomes nihilistic horror. The first two acts are an anxiety-inducing exercise in how much you'll put up with under the guise of civility. An utterly brutal third act forces you to consider the ramifications of those actions, and how much responsibility the victim bears. Did I mention the word "dark?"

Outside Reviews:

Carlos Aguilar
3.5 out of 4 stars -

It's precisely the concealment of Patrick and Karin's endgame and the way they bewitch their willing victims that makes "Speak No Evil" a disturbingly fascinating study of human psychology. Don't expect cheap thrills nor gore galore, but the intellectually intricate build does pay off. Once the evil makes itself known, Tafdrup leads us into a merciless resolution, perhaps the most unflinchingly shocking ending of any horror film this year.

Kristy Puchko
A frightening parable of 'F*ck Politeness.'

What are you willing to surrender to maintain the guise of civility? What microaggressions will you let slide? Which of your boundaries will you allow others to bend or break? How far will you go to make someone else comfortable at your expense? The dangers of compliance are at the chilling core of Speak No Evil. Its slippery slope pushes transgressions from rude to ruthless.