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IMDb Info

Release Year: 2022
Runtime: 1h 30m
Country: Argentina, Uruguay
Language: Spanish
Genre Tags: Horror
Plot Summary: A rapid spreading virus which transforms people into intelligent, ultra-violent, extra-fast zombie hunters. After each wave of attack by the monsters, they're left incapacitated for 32 seconds while they recover their strength.

Poster - Title Card rating: notes: Doesn't actually do very much with its premise that zombies zone out for 32 seconds after feeding, but it's a serviceable fast zombie movie, aided by a great location and nice camera work. One of those movies that brings nothing new to the table, but is a crowd-pleaser because it's good at what it does bring.

Outside Reviews:

Matt Donato
Viral Outbreak Thriller Virus: 32 Infects with Creative, Familiar Horror

Virus: 32 isn't as much a breath of fresh air as an enraged viral nightmare that squeezes a few original bursts of corpser creativity between tried-and-true subgenre comfort. Canisters billow yellowish smoke that covers a drained community pool as Iris hides within the colored clouds; a husband must rationalize the future for his pregnant zombie wife; one gut-punch of a surprise uses tension like a tightening noose—these are the moments where Virus: 32 excites. Gustavo Hernández includes plenty of "seen it before" sequences in ways that are still enjoyable, and not out of plagiarism or rotten morals. Virus: 32 is another entry into an overdone niche that gets the job done through competent storytelling with an emphasis on trauma, monster terrors and hasty pacing that sprints ahead with berserker fierceness. It's too familiar to be outstanding, but fulfilling enough as a reliable treat.