Current shenanigans:

Photography regularly posted to Instagram.

Covers mid-2016 to current date.

Mostly travel photos, some squirrels and jigsaw puzzles.

Kolb Studios, Grand Canyon An adorable squirrel.

Archives from 2014-2023 are available here, on the Photolog.

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Month of Horror

Ongoing project to watch one horror movie a day during the month of October.

Includes lists from 2016 to current year.

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Older shenanigans:

Older photography is on Flickr.

Covers 2006-2011, more or less.

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Floating Henry Rollins Head Haiku

I ran a webcomic for a year in 2000-2001.

It's Henry Rollins' disembodied head making jokes in haiku form.

There are also some limericks.

I am reachable via email at